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FINALLY, I have hit that Milestone that we all cannot wait for. I can tell you something though, I feel NO different except from the fact I can go out and have a drink and I am legal to do most things but apart from that? I am exactly the same. I was extremely spoilt this year. I thought I would show you what I received for my birthday although not all are pictured and I was show you what I bought with my birthday money but again not all are pictured. This is no way of me bragging I just thought I would show my readers what I got as I do not do many hauls anymore. Enjoy!

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First of all I received this gorgeous teddy by my Nan and I think he is the cutest little thing.


My two older younger sisters bought me this key and I thought it was such a lovely idea.


My dad bought me this gorgeous glass, I would say it was a brilliant choice as I love pink and it is definitely ‘Me’.


My Auntie picked this out for me (she is younger than me) She knows how much I love Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl) I watch her videos all the time and I am always on about having a ‘sippy sippy’ cup and now I have one!


My mum gave me this beautiful bracelet and ever since getting it I have been wearing it non stop, I love it!


My mum and step-dad know how messy my room is mainly my makeup all over the floor as the box I had before was too small and I was really surprised to be opening this as I did not expect it at all!


They also bought me an ‘Office in a box’ and a mirror so that I can sit down and do my makeup at a desk rather than on the floor. EEEK.

They also bought me some ‘Caribbean Twist Strawberry Daiquiri’ as they know that is one of my favourite drinks.


My youngest sister bought me this gorgeous necklace although I have had to take it off because we keep going in the pool and I don’t want it to get ruined.

I also received a small bottle of Wine from my Auntie and Uncle which is not pictured.

and My other auntie took me shopping and then took me for a gorgeous meal and TGI Fridays, I definitely recommend it there the food is lush!

So I also got quite a bit of money and I have tried to spend it wisely and I went into Primark, and we all love primark and go overboard in there BUT I only spent £68. How good was I? Here is what I got.


I bought these white lace-ups  which I thought was very cheap and I really needed some new white shoes as they get dirty very quickly.

Cost: £3.00

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I also bought these denim style pumps as I thought they were very cute.

Cost £4.00

14I have been looking for a black bag for ages I saw this one and I really liked it.

Cost: £10


I am in love with stripes at the moment which you will see soon and I wanted a pair of frilly socks cant go wrong my two favourite things in one.

Cost: £1.00


This was just a random pick up but I really liked it, til I got home and realized I picked up a size 8. It still fits me though which is a bonus otherwise I would have bought a top I wasn’t going to use.

Cost: £3.00


I actually saw these on the website and everyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse and whenever I go shopping I HAVE to buy something Minnie or Mickey as they just catch my eye. I love these Pajamas and they are so cosy.

Cost: £8.00


Everyone needs a pair of leggings they’re essential, right?

Cost: £3.00


I really needed some shorts as I do not have any for the summer and it is HOT at the moment so I thought I would buy some.

Cost: £13.00


Here is the first stripy top I bought, I saw a black one to but I thought white looked cleaner so I chose this one.

Cost: £4.00


I saw this over the other side of the shop and I loved it so I ran over picked it up and chucked it in my basket straight away. told you im in love with stripes.

Cost: £8.00

I also bought a bra for £6.00 and Panda pj’s for £5.00 but I have not pictured them.

With the rest of my money I bought SIMS 4 and the Expansion Pack Back to Work, I also bought lots of food at my local Morrisons becasue I was so so hungry and bought 2 more Sippy Sippy cups they were in a pack of 2 and they were glass ones with the straws so I HAD to have them. I think I also spent some money getting stawberries down the road which is completely irrelevant but I have saved some money and that is for… BRITMUMS 2016 ticket. I am still waiting for the tickets to come on sale. So that is all I bought but I hope you enjoyed reading this review as I did shopping for it.

have you bought anything recently or recently done a haul? link it below I would love to have a look.

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