10 Petite Fashion Mistakes And Their Solution

There is nothing wrong in being short. You don’t have to feel bad about that. But, trying to wear dresses that tall girls do is something you must avoid doing. As petite girls, you can try out most of the dresses out there in the fashion world. Still, there are some that will not look good on you and so you must make sure to avoid them.

So here, we will see the dresses that petite girls should avoid when they are planning an outfit.


  1. Over-sized sweaters

It is true that we would love to have an over-sized sweater that gives us the warmth and makes us feel cosy on any winter day. But, for better, go for a thick knit top along with a pair of tailored jeans or leggings. Or else you can go for a sweater that fits better to your silhouette. You can find proper sized knit tops for less price by going for Pink Boutique promo codes.


  1. Long tops

Tunics or long tops do not come in suitable length when it comes to petite women. So for better looks, avoid wearing tops that look baggy and more sloppy.


  1. Tea length dresses

If you want to look taller and make your legs appear long, avoid wearing tea length dresses.


  1. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks hide your neck region and makes you look shorter. So if you want to portray yourself as a taller woman avoid wearing them altogether.


  1. Jackets & boxy coats

Jackets and boxy coats give you the appearance of a giant figure which doesn’t match your real figure. In case you happen to wear such a thing, you can make a little bit of skin appearance too.


  1. Round toed shoes

Now this is something that you must have heard from a number of people. Instead of going for round ones, you can opt for pointed ones or flat sandals. This will help to make your legs look longer. You can find the best footwear ranges at lower price by going for promo codes during shopping.


  1. Big purses

Instead of going for big purses go for small bags or clutches. This will help you to have a proportionate look.


  1. Bottoms that are baggy

If you are short, don’t go for baggy bottoms. It will make you appear bulky. Instead opt for leggings or jeans that fits your frame.


  1. Midi skirts

Midi skirts end at the end of mid-calf region. This makes us look short and stumpy. So if you are short, you must avoid wearing them.


  1. Calf length boots

When it comes to women who are short, it is better to go for ankle length boots rather than going for calf length boots. Moreover, there is nothing wrong in showing off your feet.


It doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing them completely. In case you want to wear any of them, make sure that you wear something that suits your petite frame too.


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