My Top 4 DIY Cute Little Christmas Gifts.

To get in the mood for Christmas. I thought I’d write a post on my own top 4 cute Christmas gifts. I found all my inspiration on pintrest and it took me a while to choose the best ones because they’re loads to choose from.

Number 1 is not so much a present but it is a card. I think it is a fantastic idea, using each one of your family’s thumbs or fingers to make a print and make a reindeer out of it how cute is it though? all you need is:

♥ Paper/Card

♥ Black Pen

♥ Brown Paint

♥ Red Pen/Red bead


Number 2 is this cute little tag i found, the one i found had a bag and few bits and pieces to match what said on the card. I made my own one but didn’t take a picture of the little bits to go with it but needless to say this card and the little bits to go with it in a bag would be a cute present for anyone.

The things you need for this is:

♥ Paper/Card

♥ Pen

♥ Bag

♥ Little bits to go with what you have wrote


My third is a box where pictures pull up and out you can add as many pictures as you like and you can make the paper as long as you like. I added some pictures of my own and I saw this idea on pintrest and I loved the idea of having pictures in a box and giving to a loved one.

The things you will need for this one is:

♥ Paper/Card

♥ Pictures

♥ Glue

♥ Box


SAM_0282 SAM_0285

Number 4 is probably my favourite out of them all. Originally i saw this in a jar but i didnt have a jar so i decided to do it in a box and was so cute i would love to give this to a loved one or even recieve it myself. It is 365 pieces of paper with a reason on each piece why they love you and throughout the year you can open 1 by one. I was so excited about sharing this one because it is so cute.

To make this 365 reasons why I love you box you need:

♥ Paper/Card

♥ Pen

♥ Box

♥ Decorating tools to decorate the box

SAM_0286 SAM_0289 SAM_0290

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing and making this post for you all. If you would like a more detail on how to make any of these please let me know by contacting me.

Thank You for looking.




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