Im back once again with another haul and I also have one to upload tomorrow which is exciting. Most of these items came from New Look. So lets get started. I had been searching for some new clothes for a while it always seems to happen to me ill sit down and find a hole in my leggings, thinking where did that come from?, and then ill do the washing to find out that ive either put on weight or shrunk my top, #GIRLPROBLEMS so anyway, I went shopping on my own in my little town. First I went to New Look and saw there was a sale so I was looking and looking and I literally could not find anything in my size, and there were so many people I was getting elbowed and everything GAH how annoying. I finally managed to pick 3 Items all totaling to £20.

£7.00 In The Sale
£5.00 In The Sale





Lastly before I forget I bought an IPhone 5. Secondhand but practically brand new for £150. So that was all my money gone and that is all I bought.


Thank you for reading, Have a nice evening.


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