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Hi Everyone,
I am back with my daily post’s now so you will be seeing a lot more of me!
I was contacted by Crystalife Designs and asked if I would like to review various items of jewllery for my blog and of course I said yes.
We all love a bit of jewllery and especially this jewllery it was all very unique because it is handmade.

Despite it being handmade, it is made very well and came very fast! I love new things and wearing new things because you never know it could actually suit you. The first item I received was a pair of earrings.


They are called Brazillian Quarts Point Crystal Earrings, Crystal Cluster, Genuine. They have a set of 3 long transparent crystals, I have been wearing them and they have not made my ears sore and very comfortable to wear, they also come on a bit of cardboard with their logo on and they look so pretty.

These beautiful fantasy earrings are handmade with love and care here in the UK.
Each one has three genuine quartz points arranged in a cluster formation, a perfect hippy/boho accessory.
They have a number of variants, ones with three crystal points, two points and one point versions, Please specify which design you would like, and I will make them to order for you. (personally, my favourite is the triple point version),
All my jewellery is charged with Reiki energy while being crafted.
Postage is Free to the UK, and a small charge elsewhere.
I must say these earrings are beautiful and a lot of people have asked where I have got these from.


They are priced at £5.79 – You can find them here:


The next item again was a pair of earrings and they by far were my favourite these ones are called Genuine Peridot Handmade Earrings, Nature Style. I love these earrings and these were my favourite. They have 3 gemstones on them which are green but such a lovely colour green and with a leaf, now I think leaf’ are so pretty and it really adds something to the earrings aswell as the green gemstones. Again they came on cardboard with crystallife logo on it. I absolutely love these earrings and I wear these most days.

These beautiful fantasy earrings are handmade with love and care here in the UK.
Each utilises genuine peridot, a perfect hippy/boho accessory.
There is two variants, one with a leaf charm, and one without
All my jewellery is charged with Reiki energy while being crafted.
Postage is Free to the UK, and a small charge elsewhere.


These are priced at £4.69 and you can find them here:


The next item is a beautiful bracelet with a crystal fastener. I think this bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and with it being brown it goes with absolutely any outfit you can think of. It is so pretty and I actually wear this most of the time also as it is also really comfy, it doesn’t cut into your wrist or itch. It is so comfortable and you sometimes forget its still on when you go to go to bed or get in the bath. This is by favourite item!

This Genuine Leather Cuff Bracelet has a Lemurian Seed Quartz crystal as a toggle.
All my items are charged with Reiki whilst they are being made
The item in question is exactly the one pictured, though they can be made to order, in any colour leather you wish, but please note that they will all look unique, as there is no two crystals alike, likewise with the leather used.


These are priced at £6.99 and can be found here:

The last item is a bottle with a crystal and plant in on a necklace. This is gorgeous, I showed my mum and she instantly asked me please can I have it because I love it. Needless to say I did not really get a choice, she is my mum afterall haha. But this necklace is gorgeous and gives a beautiful additive to a dress or a blouse. It is easy to put on and off which is good because you would need to take this off when getting in the bath or shower. The necklace itself is not itchy and is comfortable and the bottle is not too heavy so it is just the right weight to not make it uncomfortable. I am in love with this bottle and I think it is beautiful and definetely boho/hippy.

All my items are made with love and care, each is unique, so the one you will receive may differ from the one shown in the listing. This listing is for one FOREST STYLE, with a standard necklace cord.
A Truly unique gift for a friend or loved one. Very Modern, Hippy/ Boho.
Each item is charged with Reiki whilst being made
If you require a different style, (Desert, Ocean) please leave a note to me or message beforehand so I can craft you one, tailored to your needs, I’ll be happy to help! The variations/ options below are for the necklace cord colour.

This is priced at £5.89 and can be found at the following link :


Check out the website: 
I hope you enjoyed this post, see you tomorrow xo

disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review, all views are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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