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My name’s Chloe, and I’m from Chloe Chats! My blog is all about lifestyle, advice, student help, baking, films and games, a pretty big variety so there’s something to read for everyone! It’s all quite chatty as that’s my style of a blog, goes pretty well with the url don’t you think? 

My favourite posts to write are advice ones as I love the idea that I could be helping someone or making someone’s day brighter. And as Tiff kindly let me do a guest post I thought I’d write one on feeling good, because everyone deserves to feel good! 
Here are my top tips to make yourself feel good and keep a healthy mind when you’re feeling down…
One: Exercise
This can be something that people don’t get time for or just can’t be bothered to do sometimes, I totally get you, sometimes you just want to sit down and do nothing and doing some sort of exercise is the last thing you want to do… but it’s so good at keeping you positive. I find when I’m in a bad mood and go off to do some exercise it really helps to lift my mood. As well, if you’re not feeling motivated for the day doing something active in the morning can really change your mindset. If you want something fun to do for exercise I’d recommend Clubbercise. It’s very odd.. but you just laugh all the way through, so you’re exercising and having fun at the same time! 
Two: Eating well
Eating healthy of course can help to keep you feeling good and have a clear mindset, but sometimes when you are feeling down a lot of people will refuse to eat, or not have the normal 3 meals a day. It’s so important to eat, even if it is something unhealthy, it can lift your mood almost instantly. If you have a favourite meal I’d suggest having that at some point in the day, what’s one food you can think of that gets you excited and as soon as it enters your mind you just need to eat it? Chocolate, pancakes, pasta, pizza… unless you’re trying to eat healthy then find a healthy meal that you love but if you fancy a treat, then it’s a good time to treat yourself!

Three: Making plans
Sometimes it really helps that if you’re feeling down you have future events or plans to look forward to. As well using the day to plan such things would mean you’re chatting to people which can help you take your mind off it. When you have a holiday booked, or you have a gig that’s coming up soon don’t you find it fun to have a little countdown so each day closer you get more and more excited? I’d say when I’m feeling stressed out it helps me if I have something planned in the next few days or so as you’re mind is on that. 

Four: Read or watch a show
Sometimes it’s so good for you to just relax and chill. Being busy can keep your mind focused on something but sometimes just having a break and spending a day or just a few hours reading your favourite book or watching your favourite film or television show can really keep your mind rested and make you feel better. When you’re feeling sick you usually have the day off to eat soup and watch your favourite things on TV with a blanket, am I right? Well you don’t just have to be physically sick to do this, if you’re feeling stressed and just having a really bad day then this too can help make you feel better.
And finally… 

Five: Having a bath or a shower
I know this might sound weird that if you’re feeling down and having a bad day that you just jump into the shower and it magically goes away?? But sometimes it can really help to either have a nice warm shower, use some of your favourite shower creams, gels or soaps, get out feeling fresh, put some nice clothes on, and maybe even do your make-up even if you aren’t going out, being all clean and made up can really help with making you feel good. Having a bath can really relax you, you can use that time soaking just reading your favourite book (two in one there!) Of course then proceed to put some fresh clothes on and do a little make up. 

These all help me relax and feel less stressed so I hope they can help you too! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I really loved writing it, and if you liked it then there’s lots more on my blog. Many thanks to Tiff for letting me do a guest post for her blog!

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